Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stylish Beaded Jewelry on Etsy from Beading Shop!

Today we have a lovely Etsy store spotlight for Beading Shop!

This store, run by best friends Jennifer and Nicole from Las Vegas, Nevada, started out as just a hobby, such as making gifts for their friends and family. 

The more pieces that they gave to their friends and family, the more requests they began to receive for custom pieces from the people they knew. That's how their Etsy shop was born in the year 2008!

They carry a range of beaded jewelry, including anklets, bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. Below I've selected some of my favorites - let's take a look!

This elegant orange and red bracelet is their Sunset Kumihimo Bracelet. Kumihimo is the Japanese form of braid making - I just love how the light orange cat eye beads compliment the saturated hues of the seed beads. Very feminine and regal!


This stunning sterling silver necklace has an amazing golden focal bead, flanked by gemstone pearls and swarovski crystals. This intriguing necklace is 24 inches in length - perfect for both formal and casual wear!


One of my favorite earrings from this shop, these ornate, hammered sterling silver earrings have a beautiful crimson swarovski crystal embellishment. So gorgeous and elegant!


I really like the bold colors of this handwoven bracelet! This has a lovely ethnic/tribal style, and the magnetic clasp makes it super easy to take on and off.


This year, Jennifer and Nicole launched some new jewelry lines including their cultured sea glass and gemstone energy jewelry.

They also have this fun birthday promotion - if a customer sends them a message with the month of their birthday and their email, they'll email them a special coupon to their shop around their birthday. They hope to get enough people to join to have birthday raffles each month where a birthday person could win a free piece of jewelry. 

The best part of this offer? You don't have to buy anything to be put on the birthday list!

Want to see more of their gorgeous jewelry? Just click here to visit Beading Shop on Etsy!

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