Saturday, August 17, 2013

5 Furniture Pieces Made From Reclaimed Redwood on Etsy

This Etsy store spotlight post is for Reclaimed Redwood Studio! This beautiful Etsy store offers gorgeous upcycled furniture made from reclaimed redwood. 

The owners of this shop, Nicole and Nick, wanted to do something about the lovely redwood that was ending up in their local landfill, just rotting away. Instead of seeing it go to waste, they wanted to make something useful and beautiful. 

Some of my favorite items from this shop is definitely the upcycled tables! They are just so rustic and the quality of the redwood is apparent even in the photos of the items.

This particular piece caught my eye right away. This table was made from a 50 year old fence in the San Francisco Bay area. The wood of this exquisite table has been sanded and sealed with 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic clear satin.

I love the side view of this table! The detailed craftsmanship is astounding. If I could, this would be in my living room right now, so I greatly envy whoever the future owner of this table is!


I also thought that this particular table was well worth mentioning - according to its description, it was made with over 130 pieces of reclaimed old growth redwood. This particular piece of handmade furniture is very versatile, as it could serve as either a small bench or that perfect new rustic table that you've been searching for.


In the written interview that I had with Nick and Nicole, they stated that their inspiration for creating their Etsy store was to have a way to use some of the waste that is generated by their construction company. 

Instead of simply tossing away the smaller pieces of wood, which are perfectly usable, they chose instead to dedicate their talent and time to create these exquisite works of art which will be usable for many years to come.


Although I personally don't drink wine, I really wish I did when I saw the beautiful upcycled wine racks that this Etsy store offers.

This one is sooooo cute! It reminds me of something that I would see in the home of a seasoned sommelier. I think that this would make an excellent addition to any home decor, even for those who are not wine aficionados. It's like having a little bit of the vineyard in your own home, with a splash of rustic decor to boot.

This particular piece is made of reclaimed old growth redwood, and even the hardware is reclaimed. Gorgeous!

Interested in this reclaimed wood wine rack? Please click here!


Another neat wine rack that I wanted to feature is this distressed piece. Imagine this hanging in your kitchen, showing off the finest wines to all of your jealous house guests. ^_^

This piece, like the others, is made of reclaimed redwood, and even the mounting hardware is supplied. I like the look of this wine rack - the wood has a really aged appearance, and I like the vintage look of it.

Interested in this distressed wood wine rack? Please click here!


If you're looking to purchase some reclaimed wood furniture from this store, but perhaps want a lighter shade of wood, this piece would be perfect for you!

Made from leftover oak wood and old redwood grape stakes, this side table would be an elegant addition to any decor. I love the contrast of the light oak and the saturated, aged redwood. It makes for a very beautiful, unique piece.

Interested in this reclaimed wood side table? Please click here!


Like many stores on Etsy who offer one-of-a-kind merchandise, Reclaimed Redwood Studio currently has about fifteen items available for purchase. I really appreciate the fact that Nicole and Nick want to focus on quality, rather than quantity for their store.I think that their customers will truly thank them for the dedication and time spent to quality for these lovely pieces of furniture.

The owners stated that they hope that the world will turn away from the appeal of mass produced goods, and instead consider a more sustainable way of life. I agree wholeheartedly - and I wish you both much success with your Etsy store. Your items are beyond beautiful!

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