Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fashion! - Spreading the Love - Beautiful Items I've Found on Etsy!

Hello fellow readers! Everyone ready for summer? Check out these gorgeous items that I found on Etsy!

Please enjoy the following array of beautiful items that I've found, and note that all the photos used to show this merchandise belong to their respective shop owners/creators.

Find # 1 -Elegant Turquoise Dress, from cocoricooo

  I absolutely love the tribal theme of this mixed silk turquoise dress! 

A really neat aspect about this dress is the fact that the sleeves can be "unraveled" to make the dress sleeveless, and the unraveled sleeves turn into a flowing cape that add mystery and elegance to the outfit!

Interested in this dress? Please click here to see this item on Etsy!


 Find # 2 -Vintage Inspired Tulle Skirt, from PennyRaeVintage

In previous posts, I have often featured tulle skirts or dresses that were made specifically for toddlers or children, so I was super excited to find this lovely tulle skirt for women!

I love the soft champagne color - it's so feminine and classic. It's very difficult to find tulle skirts for women that aren't overly outrageous in color or design, so I think that this is an amazing find!

Interested in this skirt? Click here to see this item on Etsy!


Find # 3 - Kumari Garden Twirl Dress, from maninisunshine

What an adorable dress! I absolutely love the bright floral colors - it's a great summer item. 

Both the waistband and neckline is elasticized, so it's more comfortable for your little one to wear. I love the fact that the owner offers the hair clip to be made as well to match, upon request.

Interested in this dress? Click here to see this item on Etsy!


Find # 4 -Amethyst Rough Nugget Stone Necklace, from ArtCatJewelry

As you guys know, I'm a huge fan of chunky stone jewelry! I love the chunky, oversized amethyst nugget beads.

This would make a beautiful statement necklace - and it goes especially well with the black top in the photo. Imagine wearing this with a long black maxi dress! It would be so pretty!

Interested in this necklace? Click here to see it on Etsy!


 Find # 5 -Large Abstract Ballerina Painting, from PysarArt
This is such an elegant painting! I love the softened silhouette of the ballerina - it has such a majestic presence.

The various pink tones throughout the painting are so incredibly exquisite. The painter, Yuri Pysar, truly has an amazing gift!

Interested in this painting? Click here to see this on Etsy!


Hope you enjoyed these lovely items!
Do you have an Etsy store that you'd like to share? Please let me know in the comments below and you may be featured!

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