Monday, May 27, 2013

Free Etsy Store Banners!

Hello fellow blog readers! I wanted to do a post on Etsy store banners, because I think that many forget how important it is to have a nice, polished banner for their Etsy store. 

Why is this so important? Mainly because your banner offers shoppers a "first impression" view of your store. If your banner looks cheaply done or sloppy, many will consider the store untrustworthy, or the items poorly made. 

There is always the option to buy banners from Etsy stores that specialize in offering banners and other digital art. However, I'm a bit frugal when it comes to forking money over for banners, so I have scoured the internet to find a list of web pages that offer beautiful and free Etsy banners!

Enjoy! I've listed a few of the banners below, just as a nice preview. You can go to the sites listed below to save these banners in their larger form. Please feel free to save and edit them for your own store. I recommend using Pixlr Express to customize your banners, as I've always found them very user friendly, and it's free!

For more banners, please visit the web pages below!

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