Sunday, April 13, 2014

Engraved, Personalized Necklaces from MommyJewelryCharms on Etsy!

Today we have a beautiful Etsy store spotlight post for MommyJewelryCharms!

This gorgeous shop, ran by Julie from the United States, offers exquisitely crafted necklaces made specifically for that special woman in your life - your mom (or grandmother)!

Julie's beautiful triple circle personalized charm necklace - complete the names and birth dates of your loved ones!

Large disc charm necklace - completely customizable from words to necklace chain!

Many of her charm necklaces have the ability to add as many charms as you need (most are up to 5), for those of you with larger families. She also offers many different types of chains, for those who have different style preferences.

Although Julie just started on Etsy, she has successfully sold on her own website for many years now (8 to be exact)!

Hammered disc necklace - I love the beautiful charms and the gorgeous texture!

Sterling Silver Bar Necklace - a lovely alternative design!

For the future, Julie plans to expand her Etsy store (just as she's done with her stand alone website), as well as see what her customers enjoy, and as always, provide amazing products and unbeatable customer service.

Want to see more of Julie's luxurious items? Just click here to visit MommyJewelryCharms on Etsy!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Handmade Baby Blankets, Quilts, Washcloths, Bibs and MORE on Etsy from OctoberMe!

I'm happy to feature another awesome Etsy shop today for OctoberMe!

This store - run by Jelaine from Parlin, NJ - offers beautifully handmade baby blankets, quilts, washcloths, bibs, burp cloths and more!

Made from 100% flannel cotton, this is an 8-piece animal print set of bibs, burp cloths and washcloths!
Where does Jelaine find inspiration for her designs? Her son inspires her to do more and he is the reason that she opened the shop. Before Jelaine's son was born she sewed some great items for him. He's now five and still loves his blanket and washcloths. All of the items in Jelaine's shop are pre-approved by her son, even the pink "girly" items!

An 8-piece bib, burp cloth and washcloth set, with an adorable frog design!

Pink reusable cloth wipes - perfect for your new bundle of joy!

For the future, Jelaine plans to continue growing her Etsy shop. Even with her current sales, she plans to become more involved in marketing and advertising.

Owl patchwork quilt with soft minky backing!

8-piece bib, burp cloth and washcloth set - with a beautiful owl design!

Want to see more of Jelaine's adorable items? Just click here to visit OctoberMe on Etsy!

Greek Sea Glass Jewelry and Supplies on Etsy from Agapi Sea Glass!

Today we have a beautiful store spotlight post for the Etsy shop Agapi Sea Glass!

This store is run by Gina from Rhodes, Greece - her shop offers genuine sea glass and sea pottery supplies, hand picked by Gina in Greece as well as sea glass pottery handmade jewelry.

Meet Gina - the owner of this Etsy shop!
 Gina has always loved sea glass and sea pottery, and since she lived on a Greek island that is loaded with it she decided to share her beach finds with other jewelers.

One of Gina's exquisite creations, a sea glass brooch bedecked with pearls and beads!

A gorgeous cobalt blue sea glass cross necklace!

A unique, unisex cobalt blue sea glass bottle necklace - one of my favorites!

An exotic feather cuff cross bracelet, embellished with a sea glass stone.

Gina's shop not only offers her own gorgeous creations, but supplies as well! So if you're looking for exotic sea glass supplies handpicked from Greece, her shop is perfect for you!

Let's take a look at some of the supplies she offers!

Frosted rectangular sea glass pieces - perfect for making wind chimes, mosaics and more!
Dark olive sea glass - tumbled naturally by the surf!

Light turquoise blue tumbled sea glass - in bulk!

For the future, Gina plans to continue offering genuine sea glass and more bulk sea glass at competitive prices for other designers, as well as creating more coastal home decor using her sea glass and pottery.

Want to see more of Gina's lovely items? Just click here to visit Agapi Sea Glass on Etsy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Exotic Handmade & Vintage Products from India on Etsy from IndianHomeTextile!

Today we have an exotic and luxurious store spotlight for IndianHomeTextile!

This shop, run by Shubham from Jaipur, India, offers beautiful and colorful handmade and vintage items such as kantha quilts, pillow covers, cushions, bedspreads, wall hangings, tapestries, accessories and more!

Meet Shubham! Here he is in workshop.
IndianHomeTextile is pretty special for many reasons - one being that they promote women and craftsmen living in the Rajasthan area through this shop.

Gorgeous hand-loomed, authentic rag rug (also could be used as a decorative piece or yoga mat).

What represents Rajasthan? Rajasthan is a beautiful land of the desert, forts, palaces and villages, extremely rich in heritage and culture. Many monuments in Rajasthan are among the world heritage site today.

Rajasthan has about 70% of their population living in villages and rural areas with very limited awareness about modern technology and developments.IndianHomeTextile promotes these women and craftsman living in rural areas who have inherited centuries old arts & crafts techniques from their ancestors and are still keeping them alive.

Made from old and vintage saaris and carpets, this beautiful pink rag rug would be lovely in your home!

This beautiful, ethnic wall tapestry is a stunning handmade piece of art!

For Shubham, the purpose of starting this Etsy store is to bring the best of handmade arts hidden in villages of India to the world. Without this shop, many would never be exposed to the exotic handmade beauty of their products.

A bold and bright Suzani embroidered tote bag!

Decorative, handmade kantha cushion covers!
 For the future, Shubham plans to keep exploring new products from the deepest villages of Rajasthan and bring it to the world through his Etsy shop.

Want to see more of his exquisite merchandise? Just click here to visit IndianHomeTextile on Etsy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gritty Travel Photography on Etsy from lostkatphotography!

Today we have an awesome Etsy store spotlight post for lostkatphotography!

I've previously had the honor of featuring this lovely shop back in October of 2013; I focused mainly on their exquisite North American photos (click here to check it out!). 

An abandoned mill in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This shop is run by Katya from Oklahoma City, OK. Katya is inspired by her travels, colors, animals, bugs, details in plants and nature, dilapidated buildings, rustic settings, and old signage. 

Black cats wandering the streets in Buenos Aires.

Katya has been traveling full time with her cats since late 2009 in the US, but has lived in Argentina, has friends in Mexico and family in the UK. She shoots mostly film. 

Forest cow in the Arizona landscape.
 Katya's current goals for her Etsy shop is to share her work and allow others to see her view of the world from the lens of her camera.

A street performer in Argentina.

 For the future, Katya hopes to sell her photography full time and possibly teach others how to take lovely photos!

The Cajun Corner Cafe in Louisiana.

Love her photography? Then you'll love her amazing phone covers even more! Take her photography with you on the go and protect your phone with Katya's amazing shots. Here's my two favorite phone covers that she currently offers (they are compatible with Samsung Galaxy products, iPhone products and for the iPad).

Discover Katya's Balloon Lady Phone Case and her Orange Butterfly Phone Case!

Want to see more of what lostkatphotography has to offer? Just click here to visit this shop on Etsy!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Trendy, Handmade Hair Accessories from HerDo on Etsy!

Today we have an adorable Etsy store spotlight for HerDo!

This lovely shop, run by Justyna, from Vancouver, Canada, offers fun and sweet handmade hair accessories, including bun holders, headbands, hair bows, head wraps and more!

Meet the owner of HerDo, Justyna!
For her designs, Justyna is inspired by beautiful fabrics, nature, and vintage jewelery. This is her second shop on Etsy (she also owns VancouverVintage).

One of my personal favorites, a gorgeous vintage baby blue lace bow!
Justyna also likes to incorporate upcycled and vintage items where she can, as noted in the gorgeous baby blue above, made of vintage lace! 

Matching "Mama and Me" Floral Headbands!
 Like many other Etsy shop owners, Justyna opened HerDo in order to share her creativity with the world. She has an immense passion for creating fun and beautiful accessories - which can make or break an outfit. Her unique mixture of vintage, modern and classy make her accessories truly one-of-a-kind!

I love this quaint white flower bun holder - super chic and cute!

A vast and colorful array of some of HerDo's amazing hair bows!
 For the future, Justyna is planning on expanding her shop by adding bridal and wedding themed hair accessories. With her penchant for luxurious antique style (such as lace), and her trendy designs, I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Another awesome piece for you vintage lovers - an exquisite baby blue lace head wrap!

A magnificent jewel in-the-works - imagine using this lovely hair accessory! So pretty!
Want to see MORE of Justyna's amazing items? Click here to check out HerDo on Etsy!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Beautiful Fine Art Photography on Etsy from RubberGallery!

Today we have another amazing Etsy store spotlight, this time for RubberGallery!

This shop, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, offers a plethora of unique and gorgeous fine art photography. Their images range from exquisite outdoor scenes to ethereal images of the human form.

"Serenity" by Iva Jauss
Opened in 2012, this gallery offers many different types of prints, including vintage and limited-edition modern prints for sale for those who love hard-to-find images and exclusive prints.
"Yard IX" by Yana Lozeva
Now that the Rubber Gallery has opened their Etsy shop, they are trying to reach out to more people outside of Bulgaria to increase their awareness and revenue. Going international is a great step for every Etsy shop - the world can finally be introduced to your wonderful creation!

"Yard VIII" by Yana Lozeva

"Tijen Hassan"by Marieta Tsenova
 For me, I was so drawn to their photography, as it perfectly mixes an ancient, classical vibe, while other photographs integrate this with an exquisite and modern twist.

"Girl with a verl" by Iva Jauss

"Red II" by Yana Lozeva

Want to see more of their beautiful photographs? Just click here to visit Rubber Gallery on Etsy!

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