Friday, July 25, 2014

Handmade Home Decor on Etsy from Emylia Stone!

Today's Etsy store spotlight is for the gorgeous handmade home decor shop Emylia Stone!

Run by Madeline from Salem, Massachusetts, her shop offers hight quality , handmade home decor pieces for all tastes and styles. Madeline does fine detailed paint work on large and small sculpture pieces and special occasion stemware.

Hand painted by Madeline, this lovely ceramic geisha sculpture is bursting with color and vibrance!

For Madeline, this is her passion! She started her Etsy store because she wanted to get back in to the creative arts for relaxation.

An ornate, hand painted porcelain goose in flight!
Madeline hopes to provide people with items that they keep in their family for years to come . For the future, she would like to make her shop a well known place for special wedding gifts, religious events and graduations. 

Gorgeous, hand painted ceramic giraffe vase!

Madeline loves the thought of togetherness and family - she wants to create items that people remember forever, those special mementos that last from generation to generation.

Exquisite terra cotta decorative wall planters!

Want to see more of Madeline's amazing home decor items? Just click here to visit Emylia Stone on Etsy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cute & Sparkly Clothes for Girls on Etsy from LittleMsSparkle!

Are you looking for cute and fun clothes for your little princess? Check out today's amazing Etsy store spotlight for LittleMsSparkle!

Designing in action!
Help your little one step into summer with this adorable line of tank tops! Made from 100% cotton, these American Apparel tank tops are decorated with colorful rhinestone designs. 

Check out this adorable, rhinestone cupcake tank top!

Perfect for picnics or lazy days at the beach, each tank's design is created by hand! Super comfortable and just perfect for summer. Also be sure to check out their amazing sweatshirts and pullovers (all with their signature rhinestones!) 

Handmade and sweet, this is such a cute rhinestone lollipop tank top!

So, where did all this sparkly inspiration come from?

The owner of LittleMsSparkle is mother of twin girls and she was completely inspired by them! No matter the circumstance, she always wanted them to look adorable. The owner started getting compliments on their outfits.and the next thing she knew, the praises and questions became orders. And then reorders!

Their regal princess crown sweatshirt!

Dressing her children in handmade sparkly rhinestone clothing started as fun, and then became a hobby – and later it turned into her business and became a true passion. The owner sells both on and off line, but only now has she decided to join the ranks of the Etsy community.

Sparkly and cute, I love this bedazzled rainbow tank top!
 Future plans for LittleMsSparkle includes a brick and motor shop located in Long Island, New York. They also have plans to hire some staff in the coming months to help the owner with marketing and order fulfillment!

Want to see more amazing items? Check out LittleMsSparkle on Etsy and save 15% on your order with the coupon WELCOME all month long!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sweet Handmade Pillows on Etsy from PillowPairs!

Looking for beautifully crafted handmade pillows to decorate your home? Look no further than this amazing Etsy shop, PillowPairs!

Looking for something cute and customized for your children? Check out these cartoon kids throw pillows!
One of my favorite items from this shop is their cute customizable pillows that depict and narrate a story! 

Sold only in pairs, the story flows from the first pillow to the second and sparks the child's imagination. 

These unique cotton pillows come in ten story themes with many variations available for each. They can even be customized with your child's name on the back!

 Along with their adorable children's pillows, they also offer these exquisite "Mr. and Mrs." Pillows! These would be perfect as a wedding gift for a newlywed couple, or as an elegant decor addition to any home.

 PillowPairs also offers many zodiac themed pillows, such as this cancer zodiac pillow pair! On one pillow you have the symbol for the zodiac sign, and on the other you have the matching personality description for that sign.

 So why did PillowPairs join Etsy? Because Etsy has the unique ability to lend wings to their creativity. For the future, PillowPairs hopes to offer a million more fun creations over the next 10 years!

Want to see more of what PillowPairs has to offer? Just click here to visit their shop on Etsy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Amazing Antique Goods on Etsy from TheIDConnection!

Are you a fan of antique goods? Are you always hunting for the perfect vintage item that has always alluded you?

Then I recommend checking out our Etsy shop of the day, TheIDConnection!

Meet the owners, Ronald and Monica!
What inspires this massive, amazing antique shop? According to Monica and Ronald, it's the hunt! They've been collecting antiques since the 1980's in Ohio, California, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. 

One of their gorgeous vintage jewelry pieces - this is an antique 1930's Victorian brooch!

 In the late 1990's eBay was their first online sales venue. It provided them with a
real "education" to the online world of selling, tuition paid for with eBay fees, charge backs and wonderful world of Ebay.

My personal favorite item from this shop - this AMAZING hand carved 1800's French wooden head and footboard!

Initially, when TheIDConnection was created, Monica was making lanyards with junk jewelry and she upcycled them. She also loves antiques and the thrill of the hunt!

Looking for that perfect little black dress? Check out their 1980's Karen Okada Dress!

A captivating oil on canvas vintage painting!

In addition to Etsy, they run an estate sale sompany. This goes hand & hand with Etsy - they want to promote and continue to grow their shop!

 Want to see more of their antique goods? Just click here to visit their shop on Etsy!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Leather Canvas Bags & Accessories from Ruth Kraus on Etsy!

Searching for something truly handmade and beautiful? Check out my amazing Etsy store spotlight post for the eponymous leather goods shop Ruth Kraus!

Run by Ruth and Avi from Kerkur, Israel, this Etsy shop is a true testament to the uniqueness and sheer eloquence of handmade goods. The exquisite leather canvas bags and backpacks rank among some of my favorite items from their shop.

Take a peek at Ruth and Avi's workshop!

Some of the tools they use to create their amazing goods.

A few of their newly created leather hip bags!

Ruth was introduced to leather was years ago when she was traveling in the Netherlands. It was there that she made her first collection of small leather purses with hand painted decorations which later she sold on the streets. 
My favorite tote from their collection, a lovely light brown Bohemian leather tote!

It was through this process that Ruth fell in love with the work and the material. Slowly, she started to develop her own line of leather goods.

Their eye catching, roomy Italian red leather clutch purse!
Ruth has always worked with soft leathers, loving the feel she gets when it's combined with other natural materials such as cotton, flax, and stones like turquoise. 

Their gorgeous green leather coin purse, embellished with beads and a turquoise donut stone.

In her designs, Ruth tries to keep the design simple and comfortable.

Their fun, striped leather hip traveler's bag!

Today, Ruth has a small quiet studio in the countryside where she works with her husband. They design, cut and stitch everything in their studio in a desire to infuse meaning to every bag they make.

Their beautiful dark leather billfold wallet!

Want to see more of their amazingly crafted items? Just click here to visit Ruth Kraus on Etsy!

Tell us below what your favorite item is from their shop!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lovely Handmade Infinity Scarves on Etsy from Buffalo Nickel Scarves!

Searching for unique and beautiful infinity scarves, but tired of the same boring patterns you're finding in your local department stores? Leave that manufactured mess behind and come check out the lovely handmade beauties that Buffalo Nickel Scarves offers on Etsy!

One of their amazing infinity scarves - perfect for everyday wear!

This shop, run by Kelly from Oklahoma City, OK, came to fruition after a uneventful shopping trip one Saturday afternoon. Kelly was searching for the perfect infinity scarf, but like many of us have experienced, she was unable to find anything cute or unique. 

So, Kelly thought to herself, "I'm creative, why not make my own?"

One of my favorites from this shop - love this mint boho infinity scarf! The pattern is breathtaking!

So from this experience, Kelly opened up her own Etsy shop to offer her exquisite designs for those searching for something more! 

Buffalo Nickel Scarves is all about super cute and fun infinity scarves. Kelly believes that the smallest, simplest things in life have the ability to bring absolute joy and happiness to everyone around them. You can definitely see this inspiration in all of the vibrant and adorable designs she offers!

Beautiful black and white heart infinity scarf!

Looking for bright colors and geometric patterns? Check out this awesome boho geometric infinity scarf!

Elegant aztec infinity scarf design!

Perfect for spring and summer! Love this pastel chevron infinity scarf!

Future plans for Buffalo Nickel Scarves include adding more infinity scarves that focus on passions and hobbies - possibly even some based on television shows! Kelly is also am planning an EPIC summer photoshoot and lookbook!

We can't wait to see more for Buffalo Nickel Scarves! Want to check out Kelly's shop for more? Just click here to visit her store on Etsy!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Druzy Earrings!

Been adding some new items to the shop and I've become addicted to creating these new druzy earrings! Here's a look at some of the new items that are now available:

Check our earrings in the shop to see these items and more!

Are there any colors you'd like to see available in the future? Let's hear your thoughts!