Monday, September 29, 2014

The 3D Printing Outlet - Amazing 3D Printing on Etsy!

Today, we have an amazing Etsy store spotlight for The 3D Printing Outlet!

This shop, run by Yoni from Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers spectacular 3D art using the latest 3D printing technology.

Meet Yoni, the owner and creator of The 3D Printing Outlet!

Yoni decided to open his Etsy shop in order to show the world that beautiful art can come from the most advanced technology - one of my favorite items in his shop is the 3D Ohm Lamp!

This lamp is truly a one of a kind 3D printed art piece - a shrine to an ancient religion and developed by the most advanced technology, the sculpture brings the past and future into the present day!

Looking to add something super neat and custom to your wedding? Check out Yoni's 3D wedding cake toppers! With your picture, Yoni can create a 1.2 inch tall figurine of you and your life partner out of a lasting plastic composite.

Donation boxes are typically perceived by most to be static objects to hold change. Yoni's design reimagines the future of giving as a global effort done by individual actions. 

The message at the bottom, “small change can make a world of difference”, reinforces the importance of individual actions. Although giving a few cents may seem like a tiny drop in the bucket, the change collected by millions of other individuals can have a meaningful impact!

This 3D donation box is perfect for any office or event!

For the future, Yoni plans to continue designing new models and sharing them with the world!

To check out more of his items, just click here to visit The 3D Printing Outlet!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Professional Product Photography for Etsy/Ebay/Amazon Sellers!

Are you looking to improve your product photography? 

As an Etsy store owner, I can admit first hand how incredibly time consuming and difficult it can be to photograph my handmade items. Especially for those who are not experienced photographers, this can be extremely stressful and possibly costly, with the additional purchases of the professional cameras and light boxes, it can easily eat into the profit of a fledgling business.

For those looking to bypass this feat, you can reach out to Dwain on Fiverr! He offers exquisite and professional product photography!

An example of Dwain's lovely photography!
Dwain has been a full-time photographer for 9 years - he will use his studio and specialized equipment to photograph your products and produce high-quality images for you to use on your website or with your own marketing material.

The best part is, not only are his prices beyond affordable, but Dwain has a very fast turn around! Also, for an additional fee, Dwain will even photograph your lovely item on a live model.

Dwain specializes in products less than 24x24x24"; but, he has worked with clients on everything from gemstones to motorcycles, so basically any item that you may sell will qualify for his services.

Not only are his photos above impressive, but the reviews of his gig on Fiverr are ALL positive - not only is this seller reliable but his work is high quality!

Just click here to order Dwain's photography service on Fiverr and improve the beauty of your online shop!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amazing Discounts and Deals for Amazon!

Are you an avid Amazon shopper looking for discounts? Then check out NewVoucher!

This awesome Amazon discount website offers a plethora of voucher codes and deals. The offers range from free shipping on various items to 50 - 60% off video games, perfumes, shoes and more!

Come check out NewVoucher and make your Amazon purchase today!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amazing Kids Clip Art on Etsy from Print&Fun!

Searching for cute clip art for your next project? Need Elsa from Frozen, Elmo, or perhaps an awesome Batman printable? Look no further than Print&Fun!

Run by Nats from Milan, Italy, this Etsy shop offers a wide range of fun printables and clip art all for your event or crafting needs.

Love The Little Mermaid? This awesome digital clip art pack comes with 14 printable digital papers that can be downloaded right after checkout. Here's a preview of some of the clip art that comes with this pack!

The owner of this shop, Nats, loves to create party printables for kids, but for the moment she loves experimenting with colors and patterns (digital papers & Clipart Images), to create party printables.

This is her amazing Frozen clip art pack, featuring Queen Elsa!

Nats likes to be helpful for the people who create these beautiful parties in the world. She follows a lot of her clients and truly enjoys seeing how they use her designs in their jobs. Each person always uses the same design in different ways, and she loves to see that!

Her super adorable Sesame Street clip art pack!

Perfect for your little boy's birthday party, this Batman clip art pack is a great choice!

For the future, Nats would like to add at least 20 new items each week, with new themes and a greater variety. She is also wanting to offer more party printables in the future, especially this upcoming winter.

Come check out this sweet Super Mario Brothers clip art pack!

Want to see MORE of what Print&Fun has to offer? Just click here to visit this amazing shop on Etsy!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vintage Dresses, Purses and MORE on Etsy from Vintage4SteppinOut!

Looking for beautiful vintage dresses and purses from days gone by? Are you searching for a certain piece of jewelry from yesteryear that you thought you'd never see again? If so, then come check out my Etsy store of the day, Vintage4SteppinOut!

Wendy B, the owner of this Etsy shop, decided to open her store because of her passion for the romance of vintage, and celebrating things that pass by recycling and reusing them today.

A sneak peek of their last vintage clothing show in Toronto - another two are coming up this fall!

What inspires Wendy and her amazing vintage shop? 

 Playing "dress-up" with her mom's old slips and black and white circle skirt along with her treasure trove of jewellery instilled Wendy's love for vintage fashion at a young age. 

Her resplendent 1980's canary yellow gown by Carolyne Roehm!

Vintage 1960's black Tour of London dress!

Looking for something snazzy to hold your favorite lipstick? Check out her 1950's French poodle lipstick holder!

Wendy still loves to "dress-up" - a fall coat from the 60s, a Vera scarf and a rhinestone brooch keeps her connected to the past and celebrates her today! 

 Join Wendy - dare to stand out and express your style with vintage - people will notice and smile!

One of my personal favorites - this stunning gold rose vintage 1960's cocktail dress!

Love this vintage 1960's Isla Del Sol rattan purse!

For the future, Wendy hope to expand her shop to where she can quit her day job and run her Etsy store full time. 

Want to see more of her amazing vintage finds? Just click here to visit  Vintage4SteppinOut on Etsy!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lovely Clip Art and Digital Designs on Etsy from TanyNogueira!

Searching for beautiful clip art to add inspiration and fun to your design or project? Come check out TanyNogueira!

Meet the owner of this Etsy shop, Tany!

Tany, the owner of this amazing Etsy shop, not only runs this business but is also an instructor at her own art workshop, where young and senior women learn from her the basis of drawing and different painting techniques.

 Let's take a look at some of the digital art Tany offers in her shop!

Perfect for blogs, cards, invitations or scrapbooking, these beautiful African violet digital designs could be a perfect match for your needs!

Tany loves life and art! Drawing, oil, pastels, and watercolor has been her way of expressing herself. One of her beautiful watercolor digital designs is above - I love the detail in the feathers!

Looking for designs for your wedding? Check out these amazing magnolia wedding labels, made specifically for mason jars!

Family is very important to Tany but she also enjoys being alone painting at home, so, many new items will be added to her Etsy store from now on and she hopes to connect her handmade paintings to sensible minds all over the world!

Want to see more of her gorgeous designs? Just click here to visit TanyNogueira on Etsy!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Elegant, Handmade Lights on Etsy from 3L Light& Art!

Are you searching for beautiful lights for your home or office? Check out these amazing, handmade lights from 3L Light & Art!

Created using cotton and wool ropes, this modern lamp is the perfect addition to your decor!

Run by Michael, this shop offers a plethora of unique and modern lighting decor. The shop owner is inspired by the happiness and excitement of his customers - it's what drives him!

I adore the pink hues of this particular lamp! Very sleek and bold!

When Michael's son got married, he created lamps for him. People who were guests in the wedding took all the lamps to their home at the end of the night!

Lovely white chandelier lamp!

Elegant and commanding, this black and gold table lamp would be a great addition to your decor!

For the future, Michael plans to add more lighting decor for events such as weddings, and even more lights for home decor!

This exquisite handmade lamp and be made in an array of colors, to match any decor you have!

Looking for something regal to light your space? Check out this gorgeous wall lamp!

Want to see more lovely lights? Just click here to visit 3L Light& Art on Etsy!